Friday, September 10, 2010

Trash to treasure

Some of my very favorite past time activities is thrift store shopping and up cycling my treasures. I found these cute wall plaques. I immediately saw there potential and had to have them to hang on my front porch.
I love to dry brush just about anything with these were perfect. Plus, they were already painted black...bonus!!! I almost always start with a black base.

I just happen to be painting my bedroom and had some paint left over. It it is a dark tan on my walls but, it appears much lighter here on the black. I do this so that my next layer of paint will show up better. Next I start layering different shades of red to give it more depth and dimension. Finally, I lightly brush them with a little bit of gold.
So, about 15 minutes later this is what I have. I really liked these when they were just plain black but, I love the way the color makes them pop.
Here they are on the porch. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I'm not sure about the placement though. I definitely need some plants and furniture on my porch to balance things out. It is all a work in progress but, I'm having so much fun.

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The Morris Family said...

Those look great! You are truly one awesome, gifted person!